Why Carbon Dioxide Is Important For Skin? – Soda Spa Foam

When talking about skin care, a few basic steps pop to mind. Cleanse, tone and moisturize. It’s that simple right? The answer to that is yes and no. While cleansing may be the most basic and vital part of skin care, doing it wrongly could be worse than not cleansing at all. Ultimately your skin cleanser determines how dry or moist your skin is, if it’s going to breakout and how well your skin can accept the other layers you will add on your face.  The aim of washing your face is to eliminate contamination from makeup, sweat and microparticles. Therefore it is understandable that you may wash your face multiple times a day, especially if you spend some time outdoors during the day. It is very easy for your skin to get clogged with dust and dirt from the polluted air around us.

Washing your face a few times a day is completely fine as long as you use a suitable face wash. One that is laden with chemicals may strip your skin of its natural moisture causing your skin to dry out and form tiny cracks on its surface. It is important to ensure the face wash you use is suitable for your skin type and doesn’t contain harmful chemicals. It is usually best to avoid gel based facial cleansers in general as they tend to negatively affect the properties of your skin.


It is becoming an ever popular trend in both Korean and Japanese skin care rituals to incorporate products such as toners and facial cleansers that contain Carbon Dioxide. This may come as a shock to some as Carbon Dioxide is generally considered bad or harmful. It’s even noted as one of the main pollutants causing global warming. So why then would anyone put it on their faces? For one it is believed that carbonated water can contribute to healthier and brighter skin. This is because the carbonation works in such a way that it helps bring out the dirt and the sebum clogged in your pores. Carbon Dioxide can also trigger your blood vessels to open up enabling better oxygenation of your skin. This would help your face stay youthful and wrinkle free. Besides that, Carbon Dioxide when added to a liquid base such as in a cleanser reaches the pH level of 5.5. This matches the pH level of your skin and allows the product to work without irritating your skin or causing any damage. Whereas, using a cleanser with a neutral cleanser may sound better but may actually cause distress to your skin.

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