Best Skincare For Different Skin Types

In this day and age, the practice of having a daily skin care regime is common not only in women but in men as well. Due to the increased pollution and dust particles in the air, it is important to incorporate a proper skin care routine to maintain the integrity and cleanliness of your skin. However, what some people fail to understand is that there is no one fixed routine or set of skin care products that will work for everyone. This is because everyone has their own unique skin type that would require care and products specific to that type.

There are many factors that determine one’s skin type from genetic and hereditary factors to daily habits and environmental conditions that can lead to you having dry,oily, sensitive or combination type skin, It is imperative to identify and understand your skin type before investing in any particular skin care regime.

Dry skin is classified as skin that produces less than normal amounts of sebum that causes your skin to feel rough and tight. This type of skin is deprived of the lipids needed to create a protective barrier against external factors and can lead to infections and damaged skin. Oily skin on the other hand is a condition where the exact opposite happens. Oily skin is caused by an accelerated production of sebum known as seborrhea. Oily skin can be identified as skin that is greasy looking, has large open pores  and is prone to blemishes. Whereas combination skin, as its name suggests is a combination of these two skin types. Different parts of the face or skin exhibit different skin properties. 

Dry Skin

Skip the long steamy showers. Hot water extracts skin oils faster than lukewarm water. In reality, long baths or showers lead to dried out skin. Limit yourself to one or two short baths with lukewarm water per day. You should also consider using mild soap free cleansers instead of harsh chemical laden ones that will damage your skin. Incorporating moisturizers, toners and serums can also help you combat your dry skin so long as you make sure to use products that are designed for dry skin. Always look out for paraben, silicone, alcohol and even glycolic acid as these ingredients may irritate your already dry skin. 

Oily skin

The first phase in oily skin care is evaluating your existing daily skin care routine. Using drying products with harsh ingredients can initially make your skin feel less oily but will ultimately harm your skin in the long run. Exfoliation is one of the most important steps in oily skin treatment. Oily skin is prone to a thickened pore lining, and can have an extra-thick coat of built-up dead skin on the surface. Exfoliating gently is the only way to empty out  clogged pores and remove excess sebum. As for cleansers, a water based one would be the way to go for those battling oily skin. It would be ideal for the cleanser to remove dirt without leaving a greasy or lotion like coating on the surface of your skin.

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