About Tansan Magic

Tansan Magic is a leading brand synonymous with Carbon Dioxide (CO2) treatment which is a key ingredient to nourish the face, skin and scalp. First established in Japan, we were one of the pioneers of the beauty industry in utilising natural CO2 from the hot springs in Japan and integrate it into our range of beauty products.

This type of treatment is similar to the natural CO2 hot springs which is highly popular in Japan, where these hot springs are proven to improve one’s overall blood circulation. Furthermore, the United States and several countries in Europe have already acknowledged the benefits of CO2 in the beauty and skincare industry.

We have renowned medical practitioners from Japan who have utilised CO2 in their line of work and research to elevate the skin care industry to greater heights. We at Tansan Magic are committed to pursue the benefits of CO2 in order for all our customers to realise the ideal potential of their skin.

Managing Director,
Mineo Ishikawa