Medical Advisor

Many renowned dermatologists believe and endorse the usage of CO2 in the medical industry especially for skincare treatment

Yamamoto Medical Center
Mariko Saito

Doctor Mariko is the Director of Yamamoto Medical Centre in Japan and a plastic surgeon pioneering in anti-aging and the study of medical aesthetics.

Hidemari Medical
Pharmacist Hidemi Hironaka

Ms. Hidemi is the founder of Hidemari Medical Centre specialising in Pharmaceutical Sciences and is a firm believer of the usage of CO2 in the medical industry.

Fushimi Skin Clinic
Director Yoshio Ito

Doctor Yoshio is the Director of Fushimi Skin Clinic in Nagoya, Japan. His clinic utilises CO2 in aesthetic dermatological treatments to cure skin infections, acne as well as burns.

Handa Higashi Clinic
Dean Furuhashi

Doctor Furuhashi is the Director of Handa Higashi Clinic in Japan who specialises in dialysis and vascular access. He frequently implements the usage of CO2 water in his day to day treatments and rehabilitations for patients.

Ladies Beauty Clinic Yamate
Masako Ito

Doctor Masako is a medical specialist in obstetrics and gynaecology. She is also the founder of Ladies Beauty Clinic Yamate in Japan. She has endorsed CO2 cosmetics as a safe skincare product to be used during the entire pregnancy.

Junko Muto

Ms. Junko is a writer and lecturer who specialises in the study of brain health, stress and obesity which can ultimately affect skin conditions. She is a strong advocate of CO2 in today’s medical field as it has proven to significantly eradicate skin disorders.